Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQs sections. Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked home swap questions. If your questions aren’t found here, please drop us a line at  

About home swapping

Home swapping is a mutual exchange of homes or holiday homes, usually at the same time, for an agreed period. This enables both Caribbean Home Swap members to enjoy rent-free accommodation during their home exchange.

Your home swap partner may live in the same country as yourself or across the world. Your homes may be similar in size and type or totally different – all that matters is that you are both happy with the home swap arrangements that you have agreed. You can arrange as many home swaps as you like during your membership at no additional cost, and you may add as many homes as you like at no extra cost. 

As home swapping is based on trust, it’s important to get to know your exchange partners and discuss all details of the proposed swap prior to fully committing. Getting to know your exchange partner can be a great plus as, being a local, they can be an excellent resource to recommend sites and attractions of your chosen destination.

Anyone with a home can take part. If your home is rented check with your landlord  first for permission. 

  • No accommodation costs – Stay for free worldwide
  • Enjoy all the space and convenience of staying in a real home while having the security of having your own home occupied
  • Join a global community of like-minded people 
  • Home away from home – Enjoy all the comforts of a real home
  • Make new friends – Get local knowledge from other members whenever you are ready to travel 
  • Save on car rental costs by swapping cars
  • Someone looking after your pet and plants

Most members are simply looking for a base for their holiday, large enough to accommodate their family comfortably. It is not necessary to swap like for like, however, it is important that you are honest in your description of your home and facilities.

It is quite likely that you will receive a number of inquires. We ask that you take a minute to respond to requests even if it is just a one liner.  

Although of course you are at an advantage if you live in a popular area, many members sort home swap as a way to get away from the touristy areas – they want to live more like a local. Make a list of your local attractions from a visitor’s viewpoint and provide potential exchange partners with lots of information. Give distances to the nearest cities, airports and well-known attractions.

We wholeheartedly welcome Members who don’t own their home into our community.

However, as a tenant, it is your responsibility to verify the terms of your rental contract and to determine whether you need to notify your landlord prior to inviting Caribbean Home Swap members to your home.

If you are unsure, the best option is to notify your landlord prior to organizing a swap and ask for approval. cannot be held responsible if you invite guests in your home against the provisions of your rental contract or against the wishes of your landlord.

 Here are a few points to keep in mind when interacting with your potential Swapping partners. 

  1. Respond Promptly to All Messages

Even if you’re not interested in the swap we ask you to reply to every message, preferably within 48 hours. Declining an offer is absolutely fine, but please don’t leave anyone hanging.

  1. Write Personal, Timely Inquiries

Before contacting other Members please familiarise yourself with their property via their Listing and Profile pages. Feel free to address your potential Swap Partners by name!

We recommend sending your swap inquiry at least four weeks before your trip.

  1. Present Your Home Honestly

You’re not trying to ‘sell’ your home. You want your Swap Partner to be just as excited upon arrival as when they read your Profile. So what if you don’t live in a Palladian- style beachfront retreat! Every home is special in its own way, and chances are there’s someone looking for exactly what you’re offering.

  1. Expectation of Privacy

Members have a reasonable expectation of privacy while swapping and you must always respect your swap partners’ privacy. Pursuant to our Terms and Conditions of Use, Members expressly agree to disclose the existence of security cameras or other surveillance equipment on or around their property. Make sure you are also aware of and comply with applicable laws.

  1. Follow the Golden Rule

Remember to leave your home just as clean and tidy for your Home Swapping Partner as you’d like their home to be for you. This also applies when you depart at the end of your swap. 

  1. Do Not Cancel!

Canceling a swap once it has been set is more than just an inconvenience to your Swapping Partner. From the moment you “shake hands,” tours get reserved, plane tickets get bought and other non-refundable arrangements get made. 

Barring illness, injury, death or natural disaster, your commitment must be iron-clad, and if a compelling circumstance does force you to cancel, we ask that you make an effort to accommodate or find accommodations for your Swapping Partner.



Arranging your home swap

Our free lifetime membership plan allows you to skip the credit card section and go straight to the registration page. Once you have registered, you can follow the next steps to add your home to the site with appealing (but honest) photos and a description. Give as much details as you can about your community and the surrounding area. 

Once you’ve added your home to the site you can then start contacting other members to arrange your home swap vacations.

Your property listing needs to be active, featuring photos and a description, so you can reap the benefits of free lifetime membership.

The first step is to join Caribbean Home Swap to add your home swap offer to the website.

Once you’ve added your home to the website, start looking for home swap offers in the areas you’d like to visit (try to keep your options open – many of the best home swaps are in places you have not previously considered!)…sometime its good to go the road less travelled. 

Try to be as proactive as possible and so, rather than waiting for people to contact you, start sending enquiry messages to other members whose home swap offers are of interest to you. Remember to keep checking the site regularly as new home swap offers are added every day.

When you receive messages remember to reply to all messages even if just to say that you are not interested in their offer.

It is important that you reply to all inquiries, even those that you are not interested in. As a matter of courtesy, this allows members to move on with their planning. 

With Caribbean Home Swap you can exchange as many times as you’d like, there are not limits. You can swap short breaks regionally or longer international holidays. 

Yes. You can add as many listings as you’d like at no extra costs. 

Yes. It is important to ensure that your insurance policy remains in effect while your guests are living in your home. Make sure that your insurance company is aware that your swap partners are non-paying guests.

Members usually agree to continue to pay their own household bills during the exchange but often arrange to have a separate phone bill for the period of the exchange. We recommend to our members to purchase a pay as you go sim card specifically for their guests which can be topped up online in most countries, which will allow the guest to top up the sim prior to their arrival. There may be additional bills in one home such as for regular domestic help, a gardener, etc. Members must agree in advance who will be responsible for any extra payment to ensure fairness to both

Yes. You can swap your vehicle with your guests. Please remember to inform your insurance company of any temporary drivers and arrange everything prior to your guests arrival.  

Many home swappers are happy to look after their swap partners’ pets during a home swap. And, when this can be arranged, it’s certainly less stressful (and cheaper) to be able to leave much loved pets in their own homes rather than to board them in a kennel.

Members can indicate if they need pet care and/or are willing to look after pets while on a home exchange. It’s always a good idea to provide a back-up option so that your exchange guests won’t feel tied down if they want a few days travelling away from your home. 

Remember, if you do have pets be sure to clearly indicate this in your listing, even if they’re not in your home during the swap, your pet’s fur could be a big no no for allergy sufferers.

No, not necessarily.

In fact, many of our members arrange non-simultaneous exchanges, where your guest may stay with you in June, but you don’t stay at their’s until December, as an example.

Members contact each other about home swapping through the secure messaging system within the Home for Swapping platform. You will also receive an email to your own email address to alert you each time you receive a new message.

We ask that our members respond to all swap requests and messages, even if the swap request is not of interest to you.

Once you’ve made contact with members via the site, we also recommend that you discuss your home swap on a phone call or via Skype to get to know your swapping partner more.

No, you cannot as we do not allow rental in any form. is a site dedicated exclusively to swapping. 

You can however use your rental villa or apartment as a swap. 

About Caribbean Home Swap

Caribbean Home Swap was founded by Molissa Smith. This dynamic platform was first created with Caribbean residents in mind and in particular, those that were not familiar with this unique way of travelling – travelling without paying for accommodations. However, once the website was live, we started receiving interest from travelers worldwide. We have offices in Barbados and Cheshire, England.   

Free Lifetime Membership offer.

Nothing at the moment – Currently we are offering free lifetime memberships under our current promotion to the first 500 members. After the 500th member $11 per month to be billed annually.

Add my listing

If the website is open, unfortunately you will often attract people that are not genuinely looking to arrange a home swap or, whose listings are not real.

You can view the number of active home swap offers by going to the website home swap members page. From here you can search homes by countries. The total number of listings will vary throughout the year. All offers on the site are up-to-date listings.

Members dashboard

Step 1: Make sure you are logged-in to your ACCOUNT

Step 2: Under ACCOUNTS – On the top right corner, click YOUR PROPERTIES

Step 3: Click EDIT at the bottom left of the box.

Step 4: scroll down to the MIDDLE of the page – GALLERY IMAGES

Step 5: CHOOSE FILES – Here, you can choose as many photos as you wish from your device

Step 6: Scroll to the end of the page – Click, SAVES CHANGES and you are done.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Make sure that you are logged into your account.

Under ‘my account’ click messenger. from there you can either, check messages, send new message or search members.