Here are a few points to keep in mind when interacting with your potential Swapping partners. 

1. Respond Promptly to All Messages

Even if you’re not interested in the swap we ask you to reply to every message, preferably within 48 hours. Declining an offer is absolutely fine, but please don’t leave anyone hanging.

2. Write Personal, Timely Inquiries

Before contacting other Members please familiarise yourself with their property via their Listing and Profile pages. Feel free to address your potential Swap Partners by name!

We recommend sending your swap inquiry at least four weeks before your trip.

3. Present Your Home Honestly

You’re not trying to ‘sell’ your home. You want your Swap Partner to be just as excited upon arrival as when they read your Profile. So what if you don’t live in a Palladian- style beachfront retreat! Every home is special in its own way, and chances are there’s someone looking for exactly what you’re offering.

4. Expectation of Privacy

Members have a reasonable expectation of privacy while swapping and you must always respect your swap partners’ privacy. Pursuant to our Terms and Conditions of Use, Members expressly agree to disclose the existence of security cameras or other surveillance equipment on or around their property. Make sure you are also aware of and comply with applicable laws.

5. Follow the Golden Rule

Remember to leave your home just as clean and tidy for your Home Swapping Partner as you’d like their home to be for you. This also applies when you depart at the end of your swap. 

6. Do Not Cancel!

Canceling a swap once it has been set is more than just an inconvenience to your Swapping Partner. From the moment you “shake hands,” tours get reserved, plane tickets get bought and other non-refundable arrangements get made. 

Barring illness, injury, death or natural disaster, your commitment must be iron-clad, and if a compelling circumstance does force you to cancel, we ask that you make an effort to accommodate or find accommodations for your Swapping Partner.