It is everyone’s dream to experience the sense of wonder that travel has to offer. There is nothing like awakening your sense of adventure, broadening your perspective, and seeing what fascinating and enchanting landscapes the world has to offer! Travel is a far better teacher than the classroom, and has the additional benefit of creating incredible memories that bring loved ones even closer. We all dream of this, and it is often the case that the only obstacle to achieving this dream is the lack of attainability. Enter Caribbean Home Swap, the brainchild of Molissa Smith, affectionately known as “Mo”. Mo, who is originally from the beautiful territory of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is settled in Barbados with her husband and two children. She is a well-traveled entrepreneur with a passion for experiencing new places, and a love of European culture. Together with her family, she has herself explored the benefits of home swaps on numerous occasions and in many destinations, including the Caribbean and Europe. Having gained first-hand insight into the way that this concept can positively enhance the scope of international travel, Mo is dedicated to making the dream of upscale accommodation for families an attainable reality. Thanks to technology and a more inclusive global vision, people all over the world are aware of the variety of landscapes that can fuel relaxation and engage the spirit. The landscapes in the Caribbean region supply a variety of breath-taking scenery that enchants international travelers. By the same token, Caribbean residents are eager to delve into the different settings that the world has to offer. This is the platform that ensures the evolution of the Caribbean Home Swap brand into an international travel club. Caribbean Home Swap will provide access to a wide variety of holiday homes to suit every family and every need! Potential members will themselves be seasoned travelers, and will be interested in optimizing the choices of exclusive accommodations. As a member of Caribbean Home Swap, you and your family will get to indulge in a vibrant and tasteful holiday home, and enjoy the benefits that these beautiful surroundings have to offer! So, take the first steps towards achieving your dreams and living your best life…with Caribbean Home Swap!